Congratulating Brenda Hanson!

Congratulations to Brenda for earning her Commercial Pilot license!


Minnesota 99s Business Meeting and Holiday Party 2023

Minnesota 99s Business Meeting and Holiday Party 2023 held on December 9, 2023 at the Blaine (KANE) Airport.

Tree of Hope 2023


Congratulations  Zohrah Amiri!

Congratulations to Zohrah Amiri who has won our First Wings Scholarship! She flies a Cessna 150 and has flown her first solo in November 2023!


Congratulations Carmen Kivisto!

Congratulation to Carmen Kivisto for passing her C-130 checkride!  


Congratulations Zoe Finn!

Congratulations to Zoe Finn for passing her Commercial checkride!


Congratulations Becky Juarez!

Congratulations again to Becky Juarez!  She now has her CFII (Flight Instructor Instrument)!


Congratulations Becky Juarez!

Becky Juarez has been working so hard over the last couple years and has now earned her CFI certificate!  Congratulations, Becky!  We are so proud of you! 


Congratulations Becky Juarez!

Becky got her seaplane rating on August 13!

Congratulations Cheryl and Minnetta!

Cheryl Daml and Minnetta Gardinier (Team – MN-IA Maniacs) finished the Air Race Classic! They flew over 2,500+ miles over four days – from Grand Forks, North Dakota to Florida.

Congratulations Patti on the 2023 Governor’s Service Award!

Our very own Patti Sandusky has won the 2023 Governor’s Service Award!  This is a very high honor and Patti is well deserving of it.  

A brief and partial summary of all that Patti has done for our Chapter: Patti has been a 99 since 1999 and has served as Chapter Vice Chair, Chapter Chair, Membership Chair, and Scholarship Chair.  She created and implemented our Chapter Scholarship. She has also served at the Section level as Secretary and Director, and now Nominating Committee.  

Please join us in congratulating Patti.  She has tirelessly and enthusiastically served her sister 99s for over two decades. 


Florence Klingensmith Field

The Moorhead Municipal Airport is also now known as Florence Klingensmith Field, in recognition of the pioneer aviator born in 1904 in Oakport Township and raised in Moorhead who was famous for her stunts and air races against male pilots.

Klingensmith, whose maiden name was Gunderson, started her aviation career after watching Charles Lindbergh land at Hector Air Field in Fargo in 1927. In 1928, she experienced her first skydive and by 1929 had become the first licensed female pilot in North Dakota.

She was also a charter member of The Ninety-Nines, an international organization of women pilots who promoted the advancement of aviation through education, scholarships, and mutual support.