It’s easy to join The Ninety-Nines (International Organization of Women Pilots) and the Minnesota 99s Chapter. Join both the International 99s and the Minnesota 99s chapter to ensure you receive all benefits offered at both international and local chapter levels.

Click here for the International Membership Form.
Click MN Chapter Membership Application (2024) here for the Minnesota 99s Membership Form.

  • For International 99s membership:  the International 99s membership form is available in Adobe Reader (.pdf) file format and can be completed online.
    • Note: If you are a licensed pilot, join as a “99.” In one year, you may apply for an AE (Amelia Earhart) Career Scholarship.
    • If you are a student pilot, join as a “Student Pilot.” You can apply immediately for a Fly Now Award for your private pilot certificate. You will be eligible to apply for an AE Career Scholarship one year after joining.
  • For Minnesota 99s chapter membership:
    •  Licensed and student pilots – complete and return the Minnesota 99s application.

Check out the Top Ten Reasons for becoming a member. When you join The Ninety-Nines and the Minnesota 99s Chapter, these membership benefits are immediately available to you:

  • Experience: 99s members have histories and achievements flying every type of aircraft, from the space shuttle to taildraggers. Whether it’s career flying, air racing, soaring, aerobatics, or ballooning – you name it, there’s a 99 doing it! And we’ve been through the same trials and tribulations when trying to learn to fly, achieve advanced ratings, and advance our careers, so share your concerns and take advantage of our knowledge and sympathetic ear.
  • Scholarships: Each year The 99s awards Amelia Earhart Memorial Scholarships to qualified members, with over 400 winners to date. The Ninety-Nines’ sustained commitment to scholarships for women pilots has resulted in over one million dollars invested in the Fund. Career Scholarships are given for advanced flight training and education, Research Scholar Grants add to the world’s knowledge of women in aviation and aerospace, and Future Woman Pilot Awards assist with completion of the private pilot certificate. Many chapters and sections provide additional scholarships to women pilots. In 2005, thirteen Career Scholarships were awarded for ratings – instrument, commercial, CFI, instrument instructor, multi-engine instructor, and ATP. Four FWP Awards were given to members as they pursue their private pilot certificates.
  • Resources for career pilots: The Careers Committee sponsors projects for members in pilot professions. The 99s Pilot Career Resource Center can be accessed on the 99s website. The Pro 99s Network is an email forum for women pilots to discuss pilot career concerns. In the 99s Professional Pilot Leadership Initiative (PPLI) Program, “Captains” develop leadership and career achievement skills as they are mentored by “Navigators” in a structured, formal mentor program. More information about career resources can be found here.
  • 99s Flight Training Forum: Our Flight Training Forum (FTF) is for members to discuss questions and concerns about all flight training issues.
  • 99s News Magazine and our website: Two sources of news about women pilots and our activities around the world.
  • 99s Email Network: This email network provides a means for 99s to discuss varied topics — flying, chapter/section innovations and ideas, networking and mentoring, being a 99 and more.
  • 99s Membership Directory: Find women pilot friends worldwide in our directory, also available on CD-ROM and online for members only.
  • Camaraderie: Most importantly, The 99s provides the means to celebrate the unique bond we share as women pilots at the local, section, and international level of The 99s.

Membership questions?

Contact Minnesota Chapter 99s Membership Chair: Patti Sandusky (email