The Minnesota 99s Chapter is committed to supporting our mission: to promote the advancement of aviation through education, scholarships, and mutual support.

Richard J. Santori Memorial Scholarship

Applications are now being accepted for The Richard J. Santori Memorial Scholarship. This program offers the following two annual scholarships to members of the North Central Section of The Ninety-Nines.

* $2,000 to assist a 99 in the completion of an additional pilot certificate or rating

* $1,000 to assist a Student Pilot Member toward completion of an initial pilot certificate in any aircraft

The full scholarship description and application forms and requirements are here.

Minnesota 99s Scholarships

The Minnesota 99s Chapter offers annually in March two $1000 scholarships and two $500 currency scholarships to qualifying applicants.  One $1,000 scholarship is awarded for coursework toward a Private Pilot certificate and the second $1000 scholarship is awarded for an additional rating or endorsement.  Two $500 scholarships are awarded to becoming current in flying and are offered in memory of WWII WASP Elizabeth (Liz) Strohfus.

Details are found in the Outline and Application.  View a scholarship summary in this Scholarship Award Outline.  Questions on Minnesota 99s scholarships can be directed to Patti Sandusky.

International 99s Scholarships and other 99s Section/Chapter Scholarships:

A number of scholarships are offered through the International 99s and other 99s sections and chapters.  Check the International 99s website for a complete listing of available scholarships.  Questions on International 99s scholarships can be directed to Marcy Drescher, our Scholarship Coordinator for all International 99s scholarships.

Lists of Available Scholarships

To make it easier to find scholarships, some organizations have compiled lists of available scholarships. Please click on the links below to learn about more scholarship opportunities.

The Minnesota 99s Chapter does not maintain these lists, and scholarship opportunities change, so make sure to check with the sponsoring organization to confirm the scholarship information before applying.

Blonds In Aviation

This website of flight training resources was founded and run by pilot Meira Leonard: 

Click here for scholarships organized by calendar date

Click here for a comprehensive list of scholarships

This website is another list that is organized by a woman pilot, now an airline pilot.

FAPA Aero (Future & Active Pilot Advisors)

This company provides job hunting services, like resume review and interview coaching, for pilots seeking aviation jobs.

Click here for their list of scholarships